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      Welcome to Zhejiang Jikang Plastic Co.,LTD.

      Group Buying,Hot-water bag,in-flight cup,mug,water bottle,cold water kettle and office gift cup

      Group Buying

      Why do you want to custom gift mugs?

        Along with the development of The Times, custom gift mugs demand more and more. Enterprises can choose the suitable for their own needs cup type, provide company logo or advertising design to us, we can provide you "tailored" belong to your unique cup, reflects  good enterprise culture, is meeting to mark the 5th anniversary of, business, advertising, sales promotion of selections, brand promotion, etc.

      Our company has been successful for domestic many large state-owned enterprises, private corporation, insurance companies, Banks, government agencies and other successful customization of all kinds of gift cup, advertisement cup, because of our high-quality products, preferential price, considerate service, so by the consistent high praise, our company also warmly welcome people from all walks of life both at home and abroad to visit our calls negotiate order.

      How to customize gift mugs?How to contact us custom gift mugs?

      Add:   #78 Jiamu road, Huangyan, Zhejiang
      Zip Code:  318020
      Tel:   +86-576-8429 9220
      Fax:  +86-576-8429 9218
      E-mail:  sales@jikangplastic.com

      ADD: #78 Jiamu road, Huangyan, Zhejiang
      Tel: +86-576-8429 9222
      Fax: +86-576-8429 9218
      E-mail: sales@jikangplastic.com

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