Trail Master’s Video Report 2/3/2019 We are doing our job! Pats will do theirs! Now relax and go sledding this morning and watch the game tonight. Yes, you will be tired tomorrow, but today will be great. You’ll survive and tomorrow you do your job! Between Mother Nature and Rodent, we never what’s coming next ride while it’s good. Today will be wonderful! We’ve been out since 1am this morning. Railroad tracks are done (Corridor 8 ), 24, Store Trail, 150, trying to make it to Talcott before you guys start riding this morning. But conditions are nice “mid winter” conditions and you should be able to get almost anywhere from here. Enjoy the great services we have on our trail system...The Bridgewater Inn Restaurant, Newfound Grocery has gas, snacks, and parking, the Outdoor Performance/Ski Doo dealer for oil, parts, repairs, new/used machines, and the newly accessible Homestead Restaurant. Ride safe guys! 👍❄️👏👌🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞#bmsc_nh #slednh #nh #snowmobilenh #snowmobiling #trailconditions #trailgrooming #brp #snowmobileseason

Bridgewater, New Hampshire