I don’t talk much about my Heroes because my relationship with my mom & wife is something I really like to keep personal. Call me old fashioned but some parts of my life I still keep offline. My mom has always been my rock... the strongest person I have ever known. She had me when she was 17 years old and pretty much gave up any chance of a normal high school experience in order to raise me. While she was pregnant my dad got in a car accident and passed away about 6 months before I was born. Regardless of these obvious hardships and growing up in a low income home, she worked tirelessly to provide, raise a kid, and go to college. Although there was a lot of support from some amazing people in our lives, there were also a lot of people suggesting she forego this pregnancy because it would ruin her “future.” I get choked up even writing that because I know what a challenging decision that must have been for her during those high school years and I am forever grateful that she chose me. I wrote this to celebrate the strong women in our lives and show appreciation for these examples we/ I have. This is a reminder that sometimes you don’t need to look that far for a good example, they can often be right in front of us.

Pismo Beach, California