Happy International Women’s Day! I arrived in the States for SXSW to see that I was named one of the 30 most powerful women in travel by @cntraveler holy crap! I don’t deserve this (I know so many extraordinary women!) but nonetheless I feel so honored and am so grateful to have my work empowering women to travel recognized! It inspires me to keep charging forward with my purpose and to keep pushing barriers. I’m so grateful for all the women before me whose shoulders I stand on, those who marched for us to be able to vote, fought for us to be able to read what we want, own our own houses, marry who we want or not, have babies or not, AND TO WEAR PANTS! To all those who fought for us to have freedom, I salute you and I promise to carry the torch for my generation and those who come after me for better equality. We deserve equal pay, equal representation, to make our own choices, to travel without fear or stigma, and to be respected and treated equally. I am so excited for what’s next for us! Thank you #internationalwomensday ❤️