The raw, wild beauty of Lofoten. There’s been a decades-long battle here many don’t know about: oil companies have repeatedly tried drilling in this pristine landscape and are still pushing to gain access. Back in 2017 it was your tags & comments that helped us protect it- now we need your help again. Lofoten is not only vital to precious marine life including orcas and humpbacks; it’s a lifeline for local fishing communities and houses a vibrant marine ecosystem found nowhere else in the world. It is literally the last remaining stretch of Norwegian coastline untouched by the fossil fuel industry - and it should stay that way. Thankfully, most of Norway’s biggest political party @arbeiderpartiet are anti-oil - but they need to make a commitment against the oil industry’s continued pressure. I was asked & felt compelled to share this on behalf of my Norwegian friends & family that I have come to love after many trips there. Today people across Norway are lighting beacons as a symbolic warning of the danger of opening Lofoten to oil exploration. I stand in solidarity from the USA encouraging the Labor Party @arbeiderpartiet and leader Jonas Gahrs @jonasgahrs to support a permanent ban against drilling. Please join us by leaving a comment below and tagging @arbeiderpartiet and @jonasgahrs , encouraging them to say YES to a permanent ban. For information on additional things you can do to stand with us on this important issue, visit the link in my bio. #oilfreelofoten #fossilfree #lovese

Lofoten Norway