Do you ever want to sing to your food because it’s just so pretty and deliciously good? 🎶 or is it just me 😂 I looked at this bowl and thought of that song “good morning beautiful...” I’m so obsessed with stewed apples I always wonder why I don’t eat them more often. Side note: this was something different from my regular oats bowl, so when I finished this I was actually still hungry. Next time I would double my portions to be satisfied ✌🏼 This bowl was a delicious way to start the morning: •no sugar coconut yogurt (no matter what yogurt you’re eating, dairy free or otherwise, please read the ingredients! Companies often sneak so much icky ingredients into yogurt) •apples sautéed until softened in coconut oil and cinnamon •buckwheat groats, hemp seeds, and bee pollen. If all those sound foreign to you, start with shelled hemp seeds. My favorite place to purchase them is @naturalgrocers as they are $3.70 something compared to many other places AND they are kept in the fridge to retain freshness. •@traderjoes almond butter You could add your favorite granola, stir in protein powder, sky’s the limit for this easy breakfast bowl. Happy Monday, friends!